My work has become a reflection of my search for God and self; of the joy and sense of safety I experienced as I was brought up in faith and the complicated familiarity I feel toward my religion as an adult and as an artist. This is mostly used through the use of found objects. As relics serve a role in the human expression of faith and the preservation of holiness, so do I impose my reverence upon objects I’ve inherited, earned, traded for, dug out of abandoned Chicago basements, buried in my backyard, and surreptitiously pocketed. There is no set method to how I choose my objects. It is intuitive, it’s happenstance, or if I feel gripped by a feeling I once called faith I may call it pre-ordained. Often times it will take up to two or three years before I have found the proper presentation for an object as it is reflective of my own inner dilemmas and spiritual analysis.